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Mini Mother’s Day collection 🌸

Mini Mother’s Day collection 🌸

NOTE: Our earrings are hand rolled, styled, and cut. Please allow for some... 

  • HEY! I'M JESS :)

    The owner of Gemi Creations, established in 2021. At Gemi Creations you will find handmade earrings for every occasion; from themed earrings, to statement earrings. My process typically begins with a rough sketch of the earrings. I then mix my own clay colors, shape, and bake the clay. Once the earring components have cooled off, I sand any imperfections, and assemble the new creations. I am inspired by my Mexican culture, textures, and mixed media. You may be wondering what the name of my business means, it's just short for Gemini which is my sun sign. I wanted my business to be personal to me, and what better way than tying it to something that will never change.

    My goal is that my earrings allow you to feel confident and express yourself. “Let your earrings speak for you”